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bruggaa is a upcoming restaurant at the river Bruggaa in the Black Forest region in Germany. Martin Hegar, cofounder of the Hotel Die Halde will be leading it.

I designed the corporate design for the new promising restaurant situated at a riverside. Its made of a geometrical and simple type I customized, topped with a sigil, ready to spin, focusing on the double letter a in bruggaa while imitating a compass needle.

I use the GT Zirkon from GrillyType as the main typography – sometimes underlaid with a script font; I chose the former for its pure simplicity and elegance – and rather dashing letterforms.

The colors are derived from the elements fire, water and earth – and are mainly used in the form of colored, eco-friendly and uncoated natural paper.

The “grand finale” of the design represents itself in the form of single line-drawings, derived from the characteristics of a meandering river. They show objects in accordance with the menu’s subject – or else nature motifs.

too good for the bin

They almost made it – and then they didn’t