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Room to Breath

The DH at the Gänsemarkt in Hamburg, Germany, was built by Fritz Block and Ernst Hochfeld from 1928 to 1929. It was used as an office building, cinema and shopping mall. It’s one of a few preserved buildings of the early modern era in Germany. Nevertheless it will be torn down in 2019 and replaced with a building by Hadi Teherani – close to the original plans by Block and Hochfeld, yet with more light and openness to its surroundings.

This was my proposal for the rebranding of this historical, yet new building.

Based on the intertwinement of history and future, I created a brand that plays with the thought of “losing” history while managing to presere it in other ways.

I took inspiration from typefaces of the early 20th century, geometric and chiseled ones, as well as ornamental influences of the Art Déco era and combined them all into a fragmented logo completed with a sigil.

too good for the bin

They almost made it – and then they didn’t