Poster Design
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ORF Public Value
Unfolding Quality

Since its foundation, the ORF is part of Austria as a broadcaster of the society. This is more than a promise. It is reflected in their program: 24 hours of public service information and entertainment on TV, radio and online, in all nine Austrian states. Public Value is a concrete quality, a measurable service, a mission for Austria.

Five quality dimensions and eighteen performance categories keep record of ORF’s media performance, value and benefits for the audience. The dimensions and categories derive from the ORF-Act, ORF-regulations, ORF-guidelines as well as current demanded requirements from the society and media enhancement. They are: Individual value, social value, national value, international value, and corporate value.

Under the concept of Unfolding Quality, I was part of the team at Rosebud to design and edit the posters for each of these five categories, the booklets, cover and animations.

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They almost made it – and then they didn’t